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Sarah Zhang, Explorations in Humanities: Connections and Conflicts

Not A Single Story

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Something New – Textual: Living in Tlön – Reflection on Historical Markers

Gustav Klimt, Philosophy, 1899–1907

“Markers tell stories and point out fact.”  — The Historical Marker Database  At first, I appreciated the historical markers scattered in the city of Montgomery, Alabama. But soon I found myself lost. The city may appear like a historical museum presenting history at its real location, telling a story that happened long ago but continue to influence today. However, it feels

Something New – Textual: Work in Progress

Inspiration for Textual Something-New

Textual base: Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius For my textual work, I am planning to dig deeper into Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius. I was interested in its idealism, how Tlönists only believe in what they see, and the existence of an object is dissected into heterogenous series of independent acts. I have a basic ideal of

Something New – Collaborative: The Stories (Work In-Progress)

Collaborative work: The Stories by Sarah Zhang

Working Collaborative: The Stories During the International festival in Davidson, I encountered a question by a fellow student, “what is your attitude towards the situations in Hong Kong?” And a few weeks later, when I told one of my friends how much I love my host family, she replied with a joke, “you should ask