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Sarah Zhang, Explorations in Humanities: Connections and Conflicts

Not A Single Story

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Working definition: Revolution

Scientific Revolution - Notes on Hum103

Working Definition of Revolution (Part 1 from Fall Semester 2019) Revolution is the drastic conceptual scheme or power shift resulting from accumulating “exceptions”, “errors,” or “deficiency” that make the previous conceptual scheme insufficient. Such revolution often involves an impactful upheaval after a relatively longer time of passive acceptance, question and doubt, and searching for alternative

Working Definitions: the Humanities and the humanities

Incommensurability - Notes from Hum103

Working Definition: the Humanities and the humanities (Part 1 From Fall 2019) The Humanities is the accumulative study of humankind. It tries to break down how we came to our current definition of being human, and what should be included in the definition. The Humanities thus have a goal of learning from the past and